√ Chiwid Transition House:
A 16 bed unit which provides a haven for women and their children who have been physically, sexually, and/or emotionally abused. The Transition House provides counselling, education and support for women and children in such programs as:

a) In-house Group meetings
b) One-to-one counselling sessions with contracted Therapist

The House also has a Therapist that is contracted for one day per week to work with staff and clients in dealing with abuse issues, in working with children, and in case conferencing. Chiwid also offers educational presentations/workshops on domestic violence as part of its community outreach program.

Chiwid Transition House: 250-398-5658  

√ Children Who Witness Abuse Program:
This program provides individual and group counseling for children between three and eighteen years who have witnessed abuse, threats, violence in and out of the home or been subjected to bullying. This program also offers “The Violence Is Preventable Project” which teaches violence prevention strategies in partnership with schools to ensure children and youth who have been impacted by domestic violence or bulling receive the support they require.

CWWA: 250-398-7005

√ Shelter Services:
The Centre provides no cost overnight accommodation to transients and those temporarily without housing and in crisis situations. The Shelter has thirty beds including a family unit. The Shelter is located at 99 South Third Avenue, Williams Lake, BC

Phone: 250-398-6831 or cordless 250-398-6821

√ Mental Health Liaison:
This program is to assist Aboriginal individuals who are dealing with mental health issues. The Mental Health Worker will provide this service to individuals and their families who live in Williams Lake and the surrounding area. The Mental Health Liaison Worker is located at 228 South Third Avenue, Williams Lake, BC

Phone: 250-267-3119

√ Aboriginal Addictions and Mental Health Outreach:
Aboriginal clients who are dealing with addictions and mental health issues will be assisted in their daily challenges and life skills on an as need basis. Office located at 99 South Third Avenue, Williams Lake, BC

Phone: 250-398-6831 or cell 250-305-5365

√ Pregnancy Outreach Program:
This program, under the direction of a Nurse, provides lifestyle counselling to prenatal women in areas of nutrition, breast feeding, budgeting and substance abuse. Food supplements are provided for low income clients. A free luncheon with guest speaker (car safety, Infant massage, mother and sewing group) is offered on a weekly drop-in basis.  Their office is located at # 202 – Fourth Avenue, Williams Lake, BC

Phone: 250-392-3583

√ Early Childhood Development:
We encourage young families to participate in special activities such as:

a) A community kitchen for families
b) Education on food safety, menu planning, budgeting, preparing shopping lists, and preparation of low-cost, nutritional meals
c) Parent support groups

Families are invited to participate in drop-in lunches and to listen to guest speakers present information on nutrition, infant development, literacy, Nobody’s Perfect Parenting program, health issues such as immunizations, and children’s health.

√ Aboriginal Supported Child Development:
To support the inclusion of Aboriginal children with special needs that require additional support in Child Care settings chosen by their families. Located at the Pregnancy Outreach Program. 

Call us at 250-305-2430

√ Aboriginal Infant Development:
Will deliver individual appropriate services to Aboriginal infants, young children and their families. This is a family centred, home-based program and works in partnership with parents/caregivers to develop useful strategies to promote child development. Located at the Pregnancy Outreach Program. 

Call us at 250-305-2430

√ Little Moccasins Learning Centre/ Aboriginal Headstart Program:
A cultural based preschool program for Aboriginal children from 3 to 5 years of age. Program is directed and driven by parents, Elders and staff who work together in a culturally sensitive environment to prepare children for entry into kindergarten. Little Moccasins Learning Centre is located at 228 Fifth Avenue North, Williams Lake, BC

Phone: 250-398-6841

√ Aboriginal Child and Youth Mental Health Program:
Using a holistic approach, which matches the individual’s needs and beliefs, the Aboriginal Child and Youth Wellness team will work with, children, youth and their families to promote wellness for those suffering from multiple barriers, social, emotional and/or behavioural disorders.

Phone: 250-267-2377

√ Family Ties Supervised Visitation Program:
Provide a setting that is safe and comfortable for families to enjoy time together during supervised visitation session. Our goal is to encourage child, youth and family to support personal growth, development and change in a positive way. Family Ties Program is located at 624 Oliver Street, Williams Lake, BC and phone is 250-267-3703

√ Elder's Circle of Care (Elder’s Program):
This program is a culturally sensitive program designed to help aboriginal elders maintain a health life through education and support while they maintain their independence. It allows them the opportunity for personnel growth and active participation in their health outcomes. We offer a drop in centre were they can participate in story telling craft groups and traditional food gathering as well as age appropriate activities and a walking group. Workshops and education on diabetes and high blood pressure and their impact on health, budgeting and nutrition and a community kitchen focused on cooking for one or two. This service is located at 228 South 3rd Avenue, Williams Lake BC

Phone: 250-398-7921